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NBC 공기정화 시스템

환기 및 NBC-여과 시스템은 밀폐된 대피소 및 객실에 최대 30~3,000명을 보호 할 수 있도록 만들어졌습니다.
이 시스템은 전쟁 시 1,600~6,400m3/h 의 NBC 시스템 (핵, 생물, 화학) 의 신선한 공기를 제공합니다.
일반 전력 혹 정전 시 수동 백업 시스템에 의해 작동됩니다.
송풍기에는 차세대 공기처리 및 환경솔루션의 요건과 기준을 준수하는 자연 양 극성 이온 발생을 기반으로 통합형 알레르겐 & 바이러스의 공기청정기인 Stereonizer의 기술이 장착 되어있습니다.

[ 동영상, 사진, 정보]의 출처 및 저작권 : Beth-El Industries

Bunker System

핵 대피소 시스템을 NATO, 미국방부, 유럽, 아시아 등 60개 이상의 군대에 수만개의 시스템을 설계, 제조, 공급한 경험, 기술력과 함께 국내에서 설계, 직접 생산을 합니다.
국제, 국내 규격에 맞게, 핵, 방사능, 생화학전으로 부터 온 국민이 안전하게 할수 있도록 제조, 공급 합니다.
첨단핵벙커는 자연재해 및 핵,방사능,세균,독가스로부터 긴급 대피용으로 개발된것입니다.
잠수함처럼 완전방수처리되었습니다.
NBC공기정화시스템( 핵, 방사능, 독가스 )을 같춘 첨단 대피소 입니다.
갑작스런 상황에서 실내에 있는 압력이 조절될 수 있도록 분사밸브가 내장되었습니다.
필터에 응봉된 공기가 안전해 질때가지 화학적, 생물학적, 핵 낙진등 제거

[ 동영상, 사진, 정보]의 출처 및 저작권 : Beth-El Industries

NATO 국가와 유럽 국가 및 극동의 많은 군대를 포함해 전 세계 60개국 이상의 군대에 시스템을 판매했습니다.
수만 대의 시스템이 공급 및 설치되었으며 전 세계의 평화 유지 활동에 상당한 수의 시스템이 매일 사용되고 있습니다.
Vehicle air treatment systems(차량 공기 처리 시스템)

Beth-El Industries’ products are installed in more than 120 different vehicle types. The product families include:

  • Ventilation and dust filtration systems for vehicles
  • Ventilation / dust filtration / NBC-TIC-filtration systems for vehicles
  • Full air treatment systems (ventilation / dust filtration / NBC-TIC filtration / air conditioning / toxic firing fume extraction)
  • Separate air conditioning systems for vehicles
  • Combined air treatment systems with auxiliary power units (generators)

Beth-El systems feature the highest protection factors, while offering the smallest possible size, reduced power consumption, and extremely low noise levels. Just to name a few of Beth-El’s unique features, the technology is distinguished by its easy integration, reliable around the clock ’24/7′ protection capabilities, long-life filters and operational CAN-controllers.

Engine air cleaners and fuel pumps(엔진 공기 청정기 및 연료 펌프)

Beth-El Industries offers highly efficient, compact engine air cleaners and fuel pumps for heavy-duty vehicles and tanks, including fuel pumps and air cleaners for engines. Beth-El Industries’ systems have been integrated in a wide variety of military and civilian vehicles.

Complete turnkey NBC-protection tents(완전한 턴키 NBC 보호 텐트)

Beth-El has provided dozens of armies with complete, turnkey projects such as field hospitals and command posts, which include the NBC-protected tents and all ancillary items (air conditioning units, generators, showers, toilet systems, illumination, etc.).

The product families are comprised of:

  • ColPro role 1, 2 and 3 field hospitals
  • ColPro rapid deployment centres, which are fully autonomous, protected command posts
  • Fully autonomous ColPro tents
  • Ventilation and dust filtration systems for tents
  • Ventilation / dust filtration / NBC-TIC-filtration systems for tents

Beth-El also offers its unique NBC-filtration systems to tent manufacturers for integration in their tents.

Ventilation, NBC-TIC-filtration and air conditioning systems for containers(컨테이너 환기,NBC-TIC 여과 및 공조 시스템)

Beth-El offers highly efficient heavy-duty filtration systems for container application and has provided many armed forces with thousands of these systems.

The product families are comprised of ventilation, dust filtration, NBC-TIC-filtration systems for containers and full air treatment systems.

Beth-El systems provide easy integration and excellent protection levels with low power consumption and noise levels.

Ventilation and NBC-TIC filtration systems for bomb shelters and safe rooms(폭탄 대피소 및 안전실을 위한 환기 및 NBC-TIC 여과 시스템)

Beth-El offers a wide variety of different protection systems from small rooms up to large scale collective bomb shelters. The product families are comprised of:

  • Ventilation and dust filtration systems for shelters
  • Ventilation / dust filtration / NBC-TIC-filtration systems for shelters
  • Blast protection valves
Air handling units, NBC-TIC protection indoor tents, expandable cabinet shelters (에어 핸들링 유닛, NBC-TIC 보호 실내 텐트 확장 가능한 캐비닛 대피소)

Beth-El has a vast range of products to retrofit existing buildings with protection systems, as well as protecting the central air conditioning of buildings with around the clock ’24/7′ protection.

The product families are comprised of:

  • Portable NBC-TIC protection indoor tents
  • Expandable cabinet shelters
  • Air handling units with integrated NBC-TIC filtration for buildings (providing 24/7 protection) and BIBO filter exchange (allowing safe replacement of a contaminated filter)
Mobile medical isolation systems (이동식 의료 격리 시스템)

Beth-El provides mobile biological air filtration for the medical sector.

The product families are comprised of:

  • Negative pressure isolation tent for isolation of patients with infectious disease
  • Portable stretcher-sized negative pressure isolation chamber for ground and air transportation
  • Positive pressure clean room for mobile operating room scenarios and clean room purposes
  • Air purifying systems for improving air quality and reducing biological hazards

Beth-El Industries’ solutions have been used in all the recent outbreaks of contagious diseases (i.e. SARS, avian-flu, TB, etc.) and are used by military and civil hospitals, as well as first responders in humanitarian operations around the world.

[ 동영상, 사진, 정보]의
출처 및 저작권 : Beth-El Industries

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